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GORUCK Community: Enduring the 50 Miler Solo

JAX BEACH STAR COURSE-50 MILER-NOVEMBER 13, 2020 SIGH – I clicked on the link and registered…for the third time in three years.  When the Star Course came out in 2018, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I had done 35+ events, some with nearly that many miles and a few with more. So, in November …

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My Favorite Ways to Style MACV-1 by Kendra Mills

Military style combat boots are all the rage in fashion right now and I think I finally found out why: their versatility. I’ll admit, at first thought combat boots with dresses or suits sounds weird but it’s actually a pretty easy look to nail. (BTW, full disclaimer: I’m no fashion expert – just a chick …

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Back in Vietnam – 010: Epilogue

Any time in life that you do something, you tend to forget the bad and remember the good. I remembered the good. I wasn’t sure I wanted to remember the bad. For a long time, I talked to a bunch of my peers in the Special Forces community that had made the trip back to …

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Back in Vietnam – 009: Ruck Sapa

Sapa Valley, Northern Vietnam The final stop in Rich’s journey through Vietnam. Sapa is a frontier township along the Chinese border, home to the northern highlanders and hundreds of miles of trails. It’s the perfect place to field test MACV-1 prototypes. Sapa is considered the trekking capitol of Vietnam and we all know trekking is …

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The Rucking White Paper (BETA)

PART 1 – HOW TO GET STARTED & THE FUNDAMENTALS Let’s just say this and start here: rucking is simple to start. You can do it in your neighborhood with things you already have on hand, and it’s free. The military teaches the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach and Leonardo da Vinci said simplicity …

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