Rich’s Return to Vietnam, 45 Years Later

A 10-Part Series Through History

Back in Vietnam, 45 Years Later

For a lot of years I’ve listened to my friends and the people I served with talk about their trips back to Vietnam. It was… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 001: The Hanoi Hilton

Maison Centrale, Hanoi, Vietnam Aka “The Hanoi Hilton” Sunday, April 8, 2018 I could feel Rich going back in time – planning how his MACV-SOG… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 002: House 10

House 10 Aka “The Safe House in Saigon” On our first trip to Saigon we unsuccessfully searched for a villa, called House 10, that had… Read more

Back In Vietnam – 003: Saigon

The one thing that seems to be a constant in Saigon is the delicious smell of food cooking – from the street vendors, open air… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 004: On the Road

The Central Highlands of Vietnam Leaving the sights and sounds of modern day Saigon, we began our journey to the Central Highlands of Vietnam. As… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 005: Buon Ma Thuot

As we made our way from Saigon to Buon Ma Thuot (or as I knew it, Ban Me Thuot) the low lying farm lands turned… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 006: The Montagnards

Dak Lak Montagnard Museum, Buon Ma Thuot April, 2017 When I attended Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, NC I learned that one of the… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 007: One Night in Da Lat

Da Lat, Vietnam April, 2017 My “one night in Da Lat” was a pleasant reprieve from the war and normal combat operations that we had… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 008: The Caravelle Hotel

The trips I’ve made back to Vietnam with Jason, Paul and Andy brought back many memories – some good and some not so good –… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 009: Ruck Sapa

Sapa Valley, Northern Vietnam The final stop in Rich’s journey through Vietnam. Sapa is a frontier township along the Chinese border, home to the northern… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 010: Epilogue

Any time in life that you do something, you tend to forget the bad and remember the good. I remembered the good. I wasn’t sure… Read more