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GORUCK Community: Enduring the 50 Miler Solo

JAX BEACH STAR COURSE-50 MILER-NOVEMBER 13, 2020 SIGH – I clicked on the link and registered…for the third time in three years.  When the Star Course came out in 2018, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I had done 35+ events, some with nearly that many miles and a few with more. So, in November …

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From GORUCK Nation: Love At First Ruck

After being an avid runner for years, I started obstacle course racing to try something new and I tried a few Spartan Hurricane Heats as well. While training for a 12 hour version back in 2016, people on Facebook were sharing notes on the best rucksack to use, and everyone recommended a GORUCK rucksack for …

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