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PRESS: Carryology Hall of Fame 2019- The GR1

From Carryology.com: Our Seventh Annual Carry Awards welcomes an iconic backpack into the Hall of Fame… GORUCK GR1 Backpack If you’re into backpacks or you’ve read Carryology, it’s pretty darn likely you’ve heard of the GORUCK GR1. A pack we’ve recommended more than any other. And a pack that has stood the test of time, unchanged, …

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PRESS: Torch Calories With This Military-Inspired Walking Workout

If you’re tired of sweating it out at the gym in hopes of losing weight, a classic military training exercise gets you outside and burning calories fast. But don’t worry — no obstacle course, pushups or sprints are involved. In fact, rucking is deceptively simple. “Rucking is basically just walking with a weighted backpack or rucksack on,” says Jason McCarthy, founder of GORUCK and a veteran of …

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