Rucking & Training

Five Essentials for a GORUCK Home Gym

Home fitness popularity continues to gain momentum as more people trade their gym memberships for virtual classes and at-home workouts, much like GORUCK Sandbag and… Read more

Rucking 101: Next Level Walking

2020 did not turn out how I thought it would, as is probably the case for many of you. I began this year with great… Read more

Team Assessment AAR: Shannon McFall Bass (F-04)

This After Action Review (AAR) is part of a series of blogs sourced by the finishers of the inaugural Female Division of the GORUCK Team… Read more

Travel & EDC

The Smart Road Trip: Four Post-Quarantine Travel Tips

As cities begin reopening and work from home is transitioning to work from anywhere, there has never been a better time to pack up and… Read more

PRESS: New to Preparedness? Go Camping with Your Go-bag

COVID-19 has woken up to the importance of preparing for the worst. You may have already started on the project of building a go-bag emergency kit.… Read more

Adapting to a Pandemic: Old and New Lessons from Japan

The first time I ever witnessed the widespread wearing of face masks outside of a medical facility coincided with my first trip to Asia. Last… Read more

News & Updates

State of GORUCK 2020: Chaos is Opportunity

Listen to Jason tell the State Of GORUCK on the Glorious Professionals Podcast here. State of GORUCK 2020: Chaos is Opportunity Time flies by, they… Read more

Glorious Professionals Podcast: Dr. Kelly Starrett on Rucking for Longevity

“As I approach 50 years old, rucking is one of the keystone behaviors in my success for being 110 and kicking your ass when I’m… Read more

PRESS: ‘The Perfect Pack’ Weighs in on GORUCK

OPINION: GORUCK DESERVES THE CREDIT JUNE 9, 2020 There is perhaps no topic more polarizing in the soft goods and carry world than a discussion… Read more