Rucking & Training

Become a Force Multiplier of Sandbag & Ruck Training

  Force Multiplication is Simple, Not Easy Send a small number of people into a place, befriend the locals, build trust, and grow your mission… Read more

Honoring D-Day at the DC Heavy

Back in 2018, I had been training to attempt my first HTL in September in Pittsburgh alongside my sister and quite a few other Steel… Read more

Why Humans Were Born to Ruck by Michael Easter

A new book argues carrying weight for distance—not running—is what made us human Last fall I found myself standing on the Arctic Tundra. I was… Read more

Travel & EDC

The Smart Road Trip: Four Post-Quarantine Travel Tips

As cities begin reopening and work from home is transitioning to work from anywhere, there has never been a better time to pack up and… Read more

PRESS: New to Preparedness? Go Camping with Your Go-bag

COVID-19 has woken up to the importance of preparing for the worst. You may have already started on the project of building a go-bag emergency kit.… Read more

Adapting to a Pandemic: Old and New Lessons from Japan

The first time I ever witnessed the widespread wearing of face masks outside of a medical facility coincided with my first trip to Asia. Last… Read more

News & Updates

African Rebels with a Cause

  His name was Commandant Big.  It’s almost too perfect a name for a rebel leader. I had read about him in cable traffic while… Read more

GORUCK Tribe: Mind Matters – July 2021

    Last week I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii. For the first time in 14 years my wife and I had… Read more

GORUCK Tribe: Mind Matters – June 2021

  A few years ago, I was at a fundraising dinner seated next to a Vietnam veteran who self-admittedly suffered from severe PTSD. While discussing… Read more