Rucking & Training

The Houston Rucking Club: Stand Ready by Willie Vera

  My first event was Dallas Class 072, Oct 2011 with Dan Plants as Cadre. I had the infamous foot fetish Cadre David Liles as… Read more

Till Valhalla! A Civilians Guide to the Mindset of Special Forces by Cadre Sherpa

“Easy is it to know, for him who to Othin Comes and beholds the hall; Its rafters are spears, with shields is it roofed, on… Read more

Finding Your Why by Cadre Mike Rock

Doing a GORUCK event is, for the most part, a terrible idea. THAT is why we do them! It takes us out of our comfort… Read more

Travel & EDC

My Favorite Ways to Style MACV-1 by Kendra Mills

Military style combat boots are all the rage in fashion right now and I think I finally found out why: their versatility. I’ll admit, at… Read more

KR1 [Kid Ruck]: What the Cool Kids Use

The KR1, or Kid Ruck, is built for kids. It is built to last for years to come (Scars Lifetime Guarantee) and they can select… Read more

Why Simple Pants Replaced All My Pants by Malaika Underwood

A little background on me: I grew up playing baseball not softball (I always have to clarify that) in San Diego but ended up taking… Read more

News & Updates

Cadre Josh (Roony) and the Snowdrop Light

We lost our beloved Cadre Josh to cancer this year. He fought the good fight and the GORUCK community, GRHQ, and his Cadre brothers miss him… Read more

GORUCK Cadre Lead Teams of Ruckers in New Ingress Adventure

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic. GORUCK Cadre led teams of ruckers in an Ingress adventure for the premiere of Operation… Read more

PRESS: Jax Beach’s ‘GORUCK’ reenacts storming of Utah Beach

 From First Coast News: “Jason McCarthy, who runs the Jax Beach based company GORUCK which organizes extreme fitness events all over the world and… Read more