Rucking & Training

GORUCK 50 Mile World Rucking Championship AAR: Kassandra Marin

  This blog is written by Kassandra Marin, and reposted from the MTN RNR Marin blog. “I’ve been with a lot of you; I don’t… Read more

Rucking World Championship 2021 AAR: Shannon McFall

  Written by Shannon McFall, republished from the SCMcBass Blog. I signed up for Rucking World Championships in August 2020, and the event was originally… Read more

Tribe Kids: December 2021 Workout Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Service The theme for December is “Seek Service.” In choosing a service project to do with young and middle-grade children, it is… Read more

Travel & EDC

Travel the World with One Ruck

Proven from coast to coast, from the beaches of Normandy to the top of Mountains. In 2015, GORUCK was smaller, and getting “perfect” samples for… Read more

Need a Brag Moment: I Climbed Mt. Fuji!

Need a brag moment: I climbed Mt. Fuji! I’m not the fittest or fastest, but damn, training with 30lb plate, to carrying probably maybe 10lbs… Read more

Over 480 Miles Rucked by 8-year-old KidRucker

Lincoln’s Rucking Story Eight year old, Lincoln Watling, aka the KidRucker, has just finished rucking the virtual Camino de Santiago challenge – a 480 mile… Read more

News & Updates

Developing MACV-1

The process of developing MACV-1 mirrored a Special Forces mission. Lots of planning, lots of testing, and a relentless pursuit of excellence against all odds.… Read more

How To: Request a Custom GORUCK Event

Custom GORUCK Challenge Events: Our Special Forces Cadre will meet you there with smiles and a plan. Our most popular custom event is the GORUCK… Read more

Selection 022 Sole Finisher: Chad Malone AAR

  There are very few moments in your life that will change the very fiber of your soul. Getting married, finding religion, having children… completing… Read more