Rucking & Training

Feature GORUCK Club: Nashville Ruckstars

The Ruckstars were born out of Challenge Class 562 in May of 2013. It was a particularly tight knit group and several of us had… Read more

Honoring 9/11 in the Heart of NYC

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, changed America and the lives of Americans forever. Our 9/11 commemorative events are how we honor and remember… Read more

Featured GORUCK Club: NOLA GRT Ruck Club

“My name is Anne Mancheski and I am from the great city of New Orleans. GORUCK and the NOLA GRT GORUCK Club has provided me… Read more

Travel & EDC

The Story Behind the Apparel: Tough Hoodie

There’s Irish blood running through my veins and I have the skin to match, so the sun and I are at odds wherever I go,… Read more

New GR1 Women’s Ruck: Tough and Ready to Travel

This may look like a classic GR1 but there is something special about this ruck for women who like to travel and every day carry… Read more

My Favorite Ways to Style MACV-1 by Kendra Mills

Military style combat boots are all the rage in fashion right now and I think I finally found out why: their versatility. I’ll admit, at… Read more

News & Updates

The State of GORUCK 2019: Elite, not Elitist

The State of GORUCK 2019: Elite, not Elitist The first time I visited Normandy I was 23 years old and knew nothing of warfare or… Read more

PRESS: Carryology Hall of Fame 2019- The GR1

From Our Seventh Annual Carry Awards welcomes an iconic backpack into the Hall of Fame… GORUCK GR1 Backpack If you’re into backpacks or you’ve read… Read more

PRESS: Torch Calories With This Military-Inspired Walking Workout

If you’re tired of sweating it out at the gym in hopes of losing weight, a classic military training exercise gets you outside and burning calories fast. But don’t worry —… Read more