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GORUCK Community: Enduring the 50 Miler Solo

JAX BEACH STAR COURSE-50 MILER-NOVEMBER 13, 2020 SIGH – I clicked on the link and registered…for the third time in three years.  When the Star Course came out in 2018, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I had done 35+ events, some with nearly that many miles and a few with more. So, in November …

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Seeking Pain and Finding Humility at Bragg Heavy 2021

“Humility” comes from the Latin word humulis which means being low to the ground. A person who exhibits humility, or is humble, is not arrogant or overly proud. Last weekend, at the GORUCK Ft. Bragg (double) Heavy event, we were literally on the ground, being humbled. We not only learned about ourselves and each other, but …

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From GORUCK Nation: Love At First Ruck

After being an avid runner for years, I started obstacle course racing to try something new and I tried a few Spartan Hurricane Heats as well. While training for a 12 hour version back in 2016, people on Facebook were sharing notes on the best rucksack to use, and everyone recommended a GORUCK rucksack for …

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From GORUCK Nation: Share the Weight

What seems like almost a decade ago, a friend of mine mentioned some exercise article where the participants were on the beach and in the water with heavy backpacks. I thought that sounded ridiculous and would shrug it off with “Let’s just stick to wine festivals and 5Ks” sentiment. My laziness was not conducive to …

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