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027: The GORUCK Show – Rucking Colombia

Jason McCarthy and Emily McCarthy share their tales of hiking aka rucking in the mountains of Colombia (and why it’s an awesome time to go). Plus: travel tips, women’s GORUCK apparel and that time Emily kicked Jason’s ass with a ruck on. Aired live on March 22th, 2018. Watch The GORUCK Show live on our Facebook …

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NorCal Ruck Club + St. Baldrick’s

  Here is an amazing Ruck Club GORUCK NorCal who has been participating in local St. Baldrick’s events for years. We love to see Ruck Clubs doing good for their community so if you would like to donate towards their cause, click the link here as they strive to raise funds for child cancer research: stbaldricks.org/teams/mypage/115852/2018 …

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