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Shooter Rucks and Rule #1 Firearms Co.

If you’re in Special Forces, you get good at customizing your gear and making it yours. For different missions, you set your gear up differently. That’s the idea behind the Shooter Rucks. The interior of the rucks is lined with VELCRO® friendly “Buffalo Fuzz.” The accessories attach to that, you can organize your stuff exactly …

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Proving the Toughest Sandbags Ever Built at the Toughest Endurance Event in the World

Selection 018 is complete. 48+ hours, 80+ miles in and around the hills of Bellbrook, Ohio, USA. True to our roots, we use our events to test and prove the toughness of our gear. The 50+ LB rucks that participants carried and dragged for days. The 40 LB, 60 LB, and 80 LB sandbags that participants …

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