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Seeking Pain and Finding Humility at Bragg Heavy 2021

“Humility” comes from the Latin word humulis which means being low to the ground. A person who exhibits humility, or is humble, is not arrogant or overly proud. Last weekend, at the GORUCK Ft. Bragg (double) Heavy event, we were literally on the ground, being humbled. We not only learned about ourselves and each other, but …

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GORUCK Tribe: 2021 Summary – SEEK PAIN

Since the first GORUCK Challenge in 2010, GORUCK has been synonymous with the harder path. To push yourself, and to be pushed. To find meaning in the beauty of shared pain, to seek challenges that demand growth, to serve something greater than yourself. To be a part of a real community of people pushing each other a …

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Five Essentials for a GORUCK Home Gym

Home fitness popularity continues to gain momentum as more people trade their gym memberships for virtual classes and at-home workouts, much like GORUCK Sandbag and Ruck Training (aka SRT) which we launched in March 2020 in response to the need within our community for virtual training. Perfecting a home gym the old fashioned way can …

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Rucking 101: Next Level Walking

2020 did not turn out how I thought it would, as is probably the case for many of you. I began this year with great dreams of what I would accomplish, and COVID-19 changed all of that. Along with COVID-19 came quarantine and social distancing measures in the U.S. and much of the known world. …

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Team Assessment AAR: Shannon McFall Bass (F-04)

This After Action Review (AAR) is part of a series of blogs sourced by the finishers of the inaugural Female Division of the GORUCK Team Assessment event that took place from September 17-19, 2020 in Bellbrook, Ohio. When the female division of Team Assessment was originally announced as a June date, there was some relief …

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