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June 2022 Exclusive Patch: Dare

Who Dares Wins

Intellectually, I understand it. Emotionally, I cannot. Children are trapped in a school, and they’re being slaughtered by a devil incarnate. The only right answer for law enforcement is this: storm the building, no matter the cost, and do it now. If you die, you die. That’s the deal. Instead, some sat idly by, paralyzed by fear. No parent can relate to them on any level.

Who Dares Wins. Action was the only way in this case, and we are right to take inspiration from those who acted honorably. They will be haunted by this forever, too, and they will need our support, as will those who did not act.

But it’s the aftermath where we can be more than just spectators to the tragedy. The Teachers Union and the Left say more gun controls, the NRA and the Right say arm the teachers. It seems they couldn’t hate each other more. Articles are written, talk shows are filled, memes are posted. We blame guns, mental health, fractured families, the loss of community, we blame the prevalence of porn and video games. But it always comes back to guns and that’s where no time is wasted — everyone is digging foxholes that they might never leave. I won’t call it cowardice, but when you look at what it’s costing us, it’s close.

What if we started with this: we will never take your guns, America. And we will never force Teachers to carry guns in the schools. What if we made more non-negotiables, negotiable. I am personally comfortable with guns and I am surrounded by teachers in my family – my mother-in-law taught for 40 years and my take is that she should never ever have a gun in any situation, ever. But let’s say I were a teacher, or one of my fellow Green Berets were. What would have happened differently in Uvalde if just one of us had been on the inside of that massacre, and been armed? We were afforded training to do the unnatural – to run toward the gunfire. So a lot would have happened differently is my take, and any of us would have done it fast. Our nation has millions of sheepdogs and I wish one of us had been there to do our duty.

But the main point is, there just might be reasonable positions in someone else’s foxhole and we need to start actively listening to them. Not “we” like someone else — not “we” in Washington. We as in all of us. More non-negotiables need to become negotiable, and that begins with real conversations with real people in the real world. The Left isn’t the devil, and neither is the Right.

So, what if we put a lot of positions on the table, and we talked about them. Here are just a few to get the conversations going:

  • Never force any teacher who doesn’t want to, to carry a gun.
  • Allow teachers who are capable, confident, and certified to carry guns in schools.
  • Double teachers salaries over the next five years, nationwide.
  • Put an armed guard in every school in the country. Ensure that the training is significant, and recurring.
  • Double police officer pay, nationwide, over the next five years. And double training dollars to train them properly. (You can actually train courage – check out the book On Killing for a lot more on this).
  • Create a certification, like a driver’s test, that you have to pass before being issued certain weapons. (There’s a lot of $$ in this, by the way).

And we could have a national call to service for teachers, and police officers, while we’re at it. There is nothing more important to me than my kids, and if we can find the money to fight the wars, we can find the money to better compensate those serving our country on the homefront, too. And we can find the money to keep our kids safer than they are right now.

I challenge each of us to open our ears and to listen to the other side, to not be so polarizing, or so polarized. If it’s not this tragedy that leads to compromise, perhaps it will be the next one, or the one after that. How many more will it take for more non-negotiables to become negotiable? Sadly, probably a lot, but whatever change could happen, it begins with us. That just might mean finding the courage for each of us to look around where we are, right now, and stop digging.

There’s safety in the foxhole but remember, Who Dares Wins.

Jason McCarthy

Founder, GORUCK

“Stirling Hero WOD”


Max reps ruck unbroken push-ups (30LB/20LB)

74 Ruck Lunges (30LB/20LB)

**If you don’t hit more than 5 push-ups, go slick (no weight).**

Score: Total number of push-ups in the 8 rounds.

This is going to crush your legs with a total of 592 lunges programmed. You can’t build muscle endurance without enduring volume.

  • Push-ups are classic style – back straight, eyes forward for the best form. When you cannot continue pushing, it’s time for your next round of lunges.
  • A break in the ruck push-ups occurs when you drive your hips in the air to resemble a downward dog position or if you rest on the ground for more than five seconds.
  • Lunges can be done walking or stationary. Keep your toes straight and your knees tracking slightly out. Each leg lunge is one rep — your back knee should gently touch the ground (or one blade of grass) each time.

If you cannot do 5 push-ups at any point, remove the rucksack and/or do them on your knees. If you cannot keep a straight back when lunging, remove the weight and go slick.

SCALE appropriately and as always, #keeptraining

Watch the WOD Demo Video by: Cadre DS


Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling, DSO, OBE (15 November 1915 – 4 November 1990) was a Scottish officer in the British Army, mountaineer, and the founder of the Special Air Service. He saw active service during the Second World War. Learn More »

2 X 4 milers heavier than baseline weight

20LB baseline use 30/40/45LB
30LB baseline use 40/45/50LB
45LB baseline use 50/60/70LB

Retest: 3 miles to compare to your March month time

Dare to challenge yourself to do something new and then do it.

Grab your ruck of 30LB/20LB. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and complete as many reps of ruck squats with proper form during those 60 seconds.

Make a video of your max rep ruck squats to share on social then dare/ tag someone else to beat you.

For additional tips on proper Ruck Squat technique check out this video from Cadre DS.

The Best Years of Our Lives

It’s unusual for us to recommend something to watch rather than read, even more so a black and white film from 1946. Bear with us, folks – we contend that this film is exceptional and worth the almost 3 hours of your time.

It is a story of three WWII veterans who return home to their small town to discover that they have been forever changed by war. It was a remarkably daring movie for its time for addressing issues like PTSD, alcoholism, women’s changing role in society, secularism, etc. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an overarching theme of daring to allow yourself to be loved for who you are – to not go about this life alone – that we found fitting for Tribe.

The Best Years of Our Lives can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.

“Dare to leave the foxhole.”

Love Monster,

President, GORUCK Nation

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