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Homage to Wild Bill

Lt. Col. William Donovan Rank and organization: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, 165th Infantry, 42d Division Place and date: Near Landres-et-St. Georges, France, 14-15 October 1918 Medal of Honor Citation: Lt. Col. Donovan personally led the assaulting wave in an attack upon a very strongly organized position, and when our troops were suffering heavy casualties he …

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How to Case Like a Spy aka Don’t Be Weird

To case a site is to carefully inspect a location to determine its operational use. That’s how a spy would define it anyway, and it’s one of the foundations for all intelligence work. As GORUCK has evolved, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for our Cadre to teach more of what we’ve learned in training …

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Trek: Behind the Scenes and On the Streets

Trekkers have dubbed themselves ‘GORUCK Smart,’ a way to indicate that Trek is a thinking man’s game of covert operations. The scenario is such that you and your team are in an environment of pure ambiguity, forced to deal with warlords, NOC’s, the mafia, and a nefarious network now known as the Jackal. Shady characters …

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