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Memorial Day HTL – Washington, DC 2018

Not only did the DC Heavy class get to embrace the suck for Memorial Day, they got to shake hands with an American hero. Just after they had visited the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Cpl. Miyamura and friend Joe stopped the class to learn about this GORUCK thing and share their story. Hiroshi H Miyamura, …

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GORUCK Star Course 50 Miler – AAR

It felt like Fight Club. 700 of us in teams of 2-5 underneath a freeway in Georgetown at 9pm on a Friday night. Rucks and 20 Lb. Ruck Plates and Body Glide and an infinite echo of energy bars in crinkly plastic moving toward the sound of the bull horn. Start lines are always fun …

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DC Brau’s Citizen

Bud Heavy is always local to my heart, but when in DC, the locally brewed DC Brau Citizen is a nice companion to what is finally here: summer. And if you can’t find DC Brau where you are, try something else local to ring in the summer. A.C.R.T. Advanced Cellular Repair Technology. Way back when …

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Trek: Behind the Scenes and On the Streets

Trekkers have dubbed themselves ‘GORUCK Smart,’ a way to indicate that Trek is a thinking man’s game of covert operations. The scenario is such that you and your team are in an environment of pure ambiguity, forced to deal with warlords, NOC’s, the mafia, and a nefarious network now known as the Jackal. Shady characters …

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