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Service First Story 003: A Dog Named Leia

Veteran transition issues are a big deal these days. We hear about PTSD and TBI and the effects of war. It’s easy to imagine how some might wonder if all Veterans are damaged goods, or broken, or whether we can recover in the civilian world. There’s plenty of examples to suggest that Veterans are, and …

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Service First Story 002: SWAT

The connection between law enforcement and the military is a strong one, grounded in service before self and a commitment to the values we hold dear in the United States of America.   Those who choose this life, to protect and serve, are increasingly held to impossible standards – even perfection. One wrong move, one …

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PRESS: GORUCK Launches Campaign to Share Stories of Those Making Difference

From Jacksonville.com: “Jacksonville Beach-based GORUCK has unveiled a new video campaign to tell stories of individuals and organizations that are making a difference in communities across the country. The gear manufacturing brand, which also hosts more than 900 endurance events per year for civilians and combat veterans of Special Operations, launched in 2008 by Jason …

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Service First Story 001: Stop The Bleeding

Trauma medicine – how a first responder should treat someone hurt or injured – has evolved rapidly based on lessons learned in the post-9/11 wars. One example is that yes you should use a tourniquet sooner – it stops the bleeding to save a life. But reading that is like reading about leadership and hoping …

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