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Service First Story 003: A Dog Named Leia

Veteran transition issues are a big deal these days. We hear about PTSD and TBI and the effects of war. It’s easy to imagine how some might wonder if all Veterans are damaged goods, or broken, or whether we can recover in the civilian world. There’s plenty of examples to suggest that Veterans are, and …

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Service Action in Spokane, WA

I didn’t expect it to go like this. 5 months ago, we instituted a new initiative where every GORUCK Challenge class organized a “Service Action” – something that made their community a little better. GORUCK Nation has spearheaded gravestone cleaning operations, food donations to homeless shelters, stuff like that that nobody at the end of …

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: HTL Weekend in Jax Beach

Ever since we started running events there was the group of people that wanted more, so they’d do the Toughs back-to-back with only a small break in-between. Eventually that wasn’t enough either, so we made the Heavy 24 Challenge. Once people got used to the Heavy, surprise, they still wanted more. The HTL was born. …

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