Service First Story 003: A Dog Named Leia

Veteran transition issues are a big deal these days. We hear about PTSD and TBI and the effects of war. It’s easy to imagine how some might wonder if all Veterans are damaged goods, or broken, or whether we can recover in the civilian world.

There’s plenty of examples to suggest that Veterans are, and can be some of the most productive members of society – the transition just takes a little bit of time. And the way that we change the thinking of the American people, all of us, is one human story, one human interaction at a time.


Mikey is a good friend and long standing GORUCK Cadre who wanted to tell his story so that other Veterans out there could get the help they need to continue to lead a life that matters.

Sometimes, that means you need a dog like Leia to share the journey with you.


“Leia’s given me freedom. She’s given me friendship. She’s given me unconditional love.



“We see these dogs reaching out to people in ways that no other human could do.




Bonnie Bergin, inventor of the service dog concept, joined us for a special interview and shared her story of creating the service dog and what it means to serve.


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