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GORUCK Training – EP05 #WorkoutWednesday

Happy Wednesday, GORUCK Nation. Today’s workout is a burner, but it’s a good one. Don’t underestimate the weight, because there’s no hiding from it in this workout. #RuckUp The Workout Warm-Up 4 Rounds :30 Plank 30m Bear Crawl 15min AMRAP 8 Sandbag Clean 8 Thruster 8 Front Squat Then Ruck 1 mile Ruck 400m w/ Sandbag …

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Celebratory Beers for GRT Brooke Haas

https://goruck.wistia.com/medias/0kad86dvfx?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 CELEBRATORY BEERS FOR GRT BROOKE HAAS This year we teamed up with Brooke Haas, a flame patch holding GRT since most of y’all were still rocking a JanSport, as she prepares to head off to the Atlantic Regionals of the CrossFit Games. During the CrossFit Open this year Brooke finished up the best of …

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Proving the Toughest Sandbags Ever Built at the Toughest Endurance Event in the World

Selection 018 is complete. 48+ hours, 80+ miles in and around the hills of Bellbrook, Ohio, USA. True to our roots, we use our events to test and prove the toughness of our gear. The 50+ LB rucks that participants carried and dragged for days. The 40 LB, 60 LB, and 80 LB sandbags that participants …

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