Hangin’ With Mack at Mack’s Barber Shop, Bozeman, Montana

I’ve always hated getting my hair cut. It takes time, it costs money, and I leave with an itchy neck. None of these is a good thing. But Mack’s I like because Mack is cool. A guy’s guy and the first barber in history I want to go back just to hang out with. He’s got pics of his family, and his parents’ cars, as decor in his shop. Not pictures of 14 year old models with stylized cuts that you’re supposed to point at stupidly. And he laughs about how his dog Bella drew people in when he advertised a discount on account of her birthday. If you hate talking, or listening about ex-wives, probably not the place for you, but for me it’s $10 plus a big tip for the best time getting your hair cut in history.


  1. Chris Goad says:

    As a Barber I appreciate this story. Traditional Barbers are a dying breed. Many young people will miss out on this experience and that’s unfortunate. Hats off Mack!

    Chris Goad
    USMC vet
    Traditional Barber

  2. Jay says:

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve been admiring your photography/photoblogging skills for awhile now. Quick question though. What camera set up are you using? Any recommendations on good gear (straps etc) because you seem to either make the best or know the best. Keep up the awesome work and I love your company and the awesome brand its building.

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