Java vs Dad, a Race to Exhaustion at the Soybean Field, Bellbrook, Ohio

Wearing Java out is my most treasured daily calling. And apparently I come by it honestly. My dad the helper thought it would be “awesome” to race Java around the soybean field. My dad on an ATV vs. Java seemed fair enough, especially since this kind of racing was more about the chase than the win.

We ended up at the creek and Java started wrapping his fists for the rematch. But instead exhaustion took center stage and we headed back to the house to cool off in style. And all was right in the world.


  1. Uri says:

    Thanks Jason! You just made my daughter’s day. She is now talking about Java at her daycare and everyone know who he is.

    Awesome dog and awesome post.

  2. Kevin says:

    That makes my morning. It also makes my engineering job seem like a complete waste of a day – I should be outside.

  3. zach says:

    these are some of the best Java pics yet! my kids loved looking at all of these, especially the close up of him smiling 🙂

  4. jason says:

    Eddie — I haven’t mastered the one handed pictures of myself yet. Chris don’t call him Donnie he hates that has, though. I’ll have to get some tips from him. And Geoffrey — for sure man, life is better when you’re around bliss and Java. And when bliss = Java, it makes my day.

  5. Kit says:

    Awesome pics and great post. I really enjoyed it! I really need to get out to Ohio as my brother is currently going to school at Miami.

  6. ALF says:

    Hey there Jason! Great post! I hope to meet you and Java someday during one of the GoRuck events. Anyhow, who is the other dog that is tagging along with Java? Take care! LaterZzzz!

  7. jason says:

    Hey Alf, Annabelle is my dad’s dog, a shar pei / lab / something else maybe mix that my dad and his wife rescued. Great pooch as well, just a little more camera shy than java.

  8. Frank says:

    Like many here, my dog is my best buddy, so I just love seeing these Java posts. I sincerely hope I get the chance to meet him one day.

  9. Tony Reyes says:

    I really liked this post! Fun photography as well, great action. You can see some serious motion here.

  10. Aaron Cranford says:

    The last photo is the look of pure bliss. Almost nothing better than spending the day wearing out man’s best friend.

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