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GORUCK parties at Tough Mudder, Austin, Texas

Tough Mudder was a ten-mile party, something fun to do with friends while drinking beer. We stayed up all night at the Ruckoff, and our Texan friends will tell you how lucky we were to get to spend some quality time with them. We don't disagree, so thank you Texas, and thank you to every Texan we met. You made our weekend. Keep waving your flags high and we’ll see you again soon.

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A Texas-Sized Challenge in Austin

Texans are a great people (ask them, they’ll tell you) with big smiles and a nice, easy swagger. Since smiles come easy to us, too, we’re always happy to get what we give, and to make such friends. Each class, 008, 009 and 010 took on a life of its own, inside jokes abound: pace, tin man, the quest for the holy anti-venom, tenderfoot, ron jeremy, kryptonite, and the girlfriend beater who should feel lucky to have survived his encounter with Force Recon cadre and Austin PD in the middle of the Challenge. Our hope is that he’s still in jail. You had to be there, as is always the case. It was most definitely good livin’ (as we are fond of describing the beauty of shared challenges), and we’re certain to be back to Austin soon if not just to hang with Texans and their Texas-sized smiles.

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Beck Boots, Amarillo, Texas

On several recommendations we got at the team ropin’ event in Dallas, we visited what was said to be the best bootmaker in Texas, Beck Boots. Harry Beck lit up when he found out Jason was a paratrooper, proudly showing us Beck’s jump boots created decades ago. He also gave us the full tour, and we can’t imagine a better boot exits than a Beck boot. We tried on pairs of our own that we ultimately couldn’t live without.

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