A Texas-Sized Challenge in Austin

Texans are a great people (ask them, they’ll tell you) with big smiles and a nice, easy swagger. Since smiles come easy to us, too, we’re always happy to get what we give, and to make such friends. Each class, 008, 009 and 010 took on a life of its own, inside jokes abound: pace, tin man, the quest for the holy anti-venom, tenderfoot, ron jeremy, kryptonite, and the girlfriend beater who should feel lucky to have survived his encounter with Force Recon cadre and Austin PD in the middle of the Challenge. Our hope is that he’s still in jail. You had to be there, as is always the case. It was most definitely good livin’ (as we are fond of describing the beauty of shared challenges), and we’re certain to be back to Austin soon if not just to hang with Texans and their Texas-sized smiles.


  1. nik keramidas says:

    Now that i have had a few days to really reflect on what we did this weekend, i get one of those big smiles Jason mentioned and was so eager to wipe off our faces friday night. This was good livin’ and i am glad to have shared the experience with a great group of people. I am looking forward to the next go around, sounds like there is something good in the works for us!

  2. Hal Lynch says:

    I am still walking around with one of those smiles that Jason mentioned and when people ask why the big smile I try to explain the events of this past weekend and they get this indescribable look. What an epic adventure and what a great way to see the city. It was good livin’ doing flutter kicks in Town Lake, carrying rocks up Barton Creek, the log carry across and down Shoal Creek, the bonus miles, and you can’t forget the questfor anti-venom. It was incredible to be part of this, the camaraderie that was shared between passing the bricks around, the packs, the food, the laughter and the pain. The challenge isn’t for everyone, you will be wet, cold, tired, and sore but remember, the pain goes away in a few days, the memories made will last a lifetime. Congrats to all the ATX GRC takers. Looking forward to the bonfire at TM and to doing another challenge here in ATX.

  3. Anti Venom says:

    Team 009, appreciate the support – but yeah, not being prepared obviously showed from me! I enjoyed every part of it, and will earn a spot in the future. For the back, knee & hip pain that I contributed too, my apologies – will supply anti-venom for all. You guys earned it! Thanks, Dan

  4. Jaime Garcia (Mr. 60 miler) says:

    Team 010 is the group i belong to. I have also received the odd looks when I was asked what I did on saturday night. The next question was why did I put myself through something like that… Truth is I ruined my recent relationship, therapy wasn’t doing any good and having some jackass just sit there and repeat how does that make you feel wasn’t working. I got back into crossfit, doing ultras and decided to do the challenge. It was one of the best form of therapy I could have done. Being able meet new people (Jason, Beaux, Brian) and my group. To be apart of something (my group), help motivate others and to help period. For that I am forever thankful. It was and it still is GOOD LIVING!!! And to Jason.. I’m still smiling too!!! Can’t wait to do another one!!

  5. Donald Rice says:

    Class 010, take 9 complete strangers, put 20 lbs on their back, and have them ruck around Austin for 9 hours in the middle of a wet cold Saturday night and work as a single unit is one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in a long while. Good Livin’! As I sit here looking fly with my black GRC hat and patch, I reflect that the hat represents more than me just lookin’ good, but more importantly, it symbolizes the memories of the experiences I had with class 010. Tenderfoot hope you are recovering well and that your hat was well earned, Tin Man you are the fastest gimp I ever saw, Dead Girlfriend in the Creek I hope not to see you ever again ;), Starksy and Hutch representing Austin PD and thanks for the ride, you guys are good people, Mr. 60 Miler I’ll see you on the trails, Round Rock you weigh more than 160 bro, Cheesburger still hungry?, and Beaux thanks for your supreme leadership and motivation, but man, dem were some short shorts! Thanks again Jason and crew for the awesome time and hope you bring the suffer-fest back to Texas soon!

  6. Paul Hanley says:

    Hook em Horns! Congratulations to the one Female member in Austin. No surprise here that she acted upon the abuser and finished the GoRuck challenge. Nice work, we’re proud of you up here in Boston.

  7. John Kimbrough says:

    this was one of those events that I had to spend some reflection time on. Then it kinda clicks and your like man! That was awesome! I love the sick torture and seeing what my body is capable of. Thanks guys for pushing me to a new limit and helping me to develop the mental discipline to complete something like this. This is the kinda thing that great stories are made out of. Keep up the good work instructors. To all the students…amazing job completing something of this caliber. You all are machines!!! Take care all and God bless.

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