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GORUCK parties at Tough Mudder, Austin, Texas

Tough Mudder was a ten-mile party, something fun to do with friends while drinking beer. We stayed up all night at the Ruckoff, and our Texan friends will tell you how lucky we were to get to spend some quality time with them. We don't disagree, so thank you Texas, and thank you to every Texan we met. You made our weekend. Keep waving your flags high and we’ll see you again soon.

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Tough Mudder, Bear Creek Mountain, Pennsylvania

We started off the GORUCK summer at Tough Mudder. Our team of Green Berets camped out the night before, doing what we do best. Bonfire, beer, and eventually acquiring things like ATV's to roam the mountains all night. Yes, we were chased. No, they didn't find us. A sunup meant it was morning, so we stuffed our GR1's full of bricks, and sped through the course, smiles abound.

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