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Tony Luke’s Cheesesteak, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tony, a buddy of ours who knows these kinds of things, told us the best cheesesteak in Philly can be found at the (unrelated) Tony Luke's. In the shadow of I-95, we heard the rumble of cars passing, and murmuring anticipation of the Phillies game that night. They sliced and diced the meat in front of us and gave us no cause to doubt Tony's wisdom.

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Tough Mudder, Bear Creek Mountain, Pennsylvania

We started off the GORUCK summer at Tough Mudder. Our team of Green Berets camped out the night before, doing what we do best. Bonfire, beer, and eventually acquiring things like ATV's to roam the mountains all night. Yes, we were chased. No, they didn't find us. A sunup meant it was morning, so we stuffed our GR1's full of bricks, and sped through the course, smiles abound.

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