A Few Notes About Selection…It Was Fun While It Lasted

Before we get to a few notes about Selection, a quick reminder that we work for you and not the other way around. Yes, pictured is us at work. 🙂

It’s our job to to push you, to inspire you, to bring you closer together as people, as communities, as friends. This is the motivation for us, and the reward. To serve something greater than ourselves, to be a part of your successes in life, and we really enjoy it and we think hard about the impact on the community for any kind of evolution in Events. If you’re inspired by Selection and looking to pick a big goal next year, use the code NOTSELECTION for 30% off Events. The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago. The second best time is right now.

Selection 000-021. It was fun while it lasted. 000 was the Beta, from 001 through 021, we’ve reached the apex of what this event is. We’ve seen the highs, the lows, the black classes of everyone’s disappointment and it’s been a good ride. But it’s time for some evolution.

Selection 2.0 will commence at a time and place of our choosing, not before 2021. There will be some changes, many of which will piss people off. Good. We welcome your feedback, especially while you’re wearing your Selection patch or if you’ve passed one of the Selections that this event is based off of. The reason why this event works is because it’s rigid and closely held. We have no intention of changing that.

However, a preview or two. The PT test will change. The run will not be 5 miles, it will be shorter. The whole event will likely be longer, with different gates followed by priorities of work. Until work is the priority, again, according to the timeline established by the Cadre, known only to the Cadre. We are considering a different weight standard for women (there is a precedent for this in the SOF universe) — that said, we’re 0% interested in a debate about this. Show up or don’t. We only post the minimum weight required, anyone is welcome to ruck as much as they’d like to, and a decision has not been made yet. It will be made public when the event is announced, and no sooner. A 48 hour non-Select will become a realistic option for candidates to experience. Oh the heartbreak. We might offer a very authentic PRE-Selection at some point. And most importantly, Selection will become less forgiving, not more. The Cadre will be even more ruthless in their assessment of the standard, not less. If nobody passes the next one, so be it.

But that’s not our goal. We want more of you to pass Selection and other really, really hard events. And you don’t get good at doing hard things by doing easy things. You have to practice, one at a time. The impact of even attempting them, on your lives, is immense — I’ve gotten countless notes from those who stepped into the Selection arena — their feedback and encouragement (we work for you, people) is enough for me and all of us Cadre to put on an event that we hate. You see, love does win.

So, in sum, you have at least two years to train, time starts now.


  1. Cindy The Coupon - OG says:

    Well that’s a nail in the coffin.
    “pissing in the wind
    betting on a losing friend
    making the same mistakes
    we swore we’d never make again
    pissing in the wind
    and it’s blowing on all our friends”

  2. V Anand Pillai says:

    Hi Jason. As an online spectator here in Singapore, i was filled with a lot of emotion seeing the participants give it all. My own attendance to certain endurance events, pale in comparison to what they went through. But i can relate to them to a certain degree. What you and the team are doing is very important, it’s a reality check for mental fortitude, determination, and knowing either you’re in full swing or out. Life or death. Yes or No.

    Thank you.

  3. Nate says:

    Love this!!! Love the mystery. Train and show up to work or dont and watch and wonder. I WILL be ready! I will put in the work. Bring it Selection 2.0. Wouldnt want it any other way but challenging and lots of work. That’s the reward. #selctionupgrade2022

  4. Duffman says:

    When it’s your program (Jason & The Cadre’s), you get to make it function as you want. If followers, participants (past & future) are butt hurt for change they missed the mark of your purpose for the civilian warrior. Change and adapt to the new and people will follow. Your team runs a great challenge. Much Respect,

  5. Teri says:

    Interesting. Recognizing that women function a little differently is good. As Goruck has evolved thus the event shall evolve too…via military evolving at the same time. Watching Selection is a total immersion (no work gets done?), being there to watch would be fantastic. Always Forward, you can’t change the past but can influence the future.

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