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Tribe Kids: December 2021 Workout Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Service The theme for December is “Seek Service.” In choosing a service project to do with young and middle-grade children, it is important to communicate to the children that any activity, small or big, is important! From cleaning the house/garage/yard with their family members, to working on a local “Habitat for Humanity” …

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GORUCK Tribe: December 2021

Here is a rundown on all details for December 2021: Sacrifice Imagine a world where we think only of ourselves. We live our lives at poker tables, the clock ticks and tocks and it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. Some stranger is shuffling the cards, just deal already so we can start keeping …

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Developing MACV-1

The process of developing MACV-1 mirrored a Special Forces mission. Lots of planning, lots of testing, and a relentless pursuit of excellence against all odds. We went through dozens of pairs of tests and hundreds and hundreds of miles. The wear and tear on all of the shoes was rough and they were all put …

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