Tribe Kids: July 2022 Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Independence

This month we “seek independence” by reading books about kids who persevered, doing challenging workouts, and setting tough goals. In our 8 and under book, “The Magical Yet,” we learn that there are obstacles and setbacks and things we can’t do YET, but if we keep chipping away then eventually those things that were once difficult will be doable. In our 8 and older book “Hatchet,” we follow the main character Brian who survives a plane crash in the remote Canadian wilderness, then has to survive with a hatchet as his only tool.

Through reading the books, doing the workouts, and taking on the challenge, we are scaffolding for our children, ways to build a growth mindset. Persevering through any task, and giving our children the space, time, and appropriate support so that they can succeed is the key to building confidence in themselves over time. For little ones, letting them struggle to tie their own shoes, but giving them just enough support to accomplish the task, allows them to build confidence in doing it by themselves. For older children, let them choose the thing they’d like to get better at, then talk to them about setting goals along the way as they get closer to achieving their intended outcome. There are so many things our children cannot do YET, but with our help they will master these things eventually.

Workout A: Fireworks or Night Ruck

Is there a fireworks show going on near you this month? Grab your ruck and wear it to the event. If there are no fireworks near you, ask your grown-up to take you out on a walk at night so you can see the stars!

Workout B: “The Wild”

July Workout for Kids 8 and Under:

AMRAP in 4 Minutes:

20 meter high crawl (drag unloaded ruck)

5 one arm ruck presses/side (unloaded)

5 sumo deadlift high pull (unloaded)

July Workout for Kids 8-12 Years Old:

AMRAP in 7 Minutes:

20 meters high crawl ruck drag

10 one arm ruck presses (5 right arm/5 left arm)

10 sumo deadlift high pull (with ruck)

Worksheet Tribe Kids 8 under JULY 2022

Worksheet Tribe Kids 8 older JULY 2022

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