Tribe Kids: August 2022

Tribe Kids: Seek Determination

Anything is possible if you persevere! This month Tribe Kids “Seek Determination,” through reading a true story, doing a challenging ruck and workout, and testing their skills in science. In our book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” (all ages), kids will read about William Kamkwamba who solved a big problem in his village with his creative thinking and ability to apply science to the problem.

Encouraging children to test their hand at science by hypothesizing, experimenting, and practicing allows them to see what happens when they follow a scientific process. Science can be done with little ones too! Simple things include helping your child notice anything at all, for example you can point out how light changes throughout the day, then ask them why they think that happens. Just getting children thinking and hypothesizing is a great way to scaffold that process so that when they are a little older, you can start to do experiments with them. For older children, look through the list provided and choose an experiment to do with them. Ask them questions about what they think will happen and why, do not share answers with them, do the project, and then talk through what happened. You’ll see the magic unfold before your eyes as your child’s world expands!

Workout A: Long Ruck

You’ve been consistent all school year, so it is time to do a longer ruck! Grab a grown-up and take a walk for 60 minutes. You’ve got this!

Workout B: “Flow”

(All ages)

AMRAP in 5-7 min:
5 forward rolls
5 pike push ups (no ruck)
10 jumping squats (ruck on or off)
50 meter sprint (ruck on)

Worksheet Tribe Kids 8 under AUGUST 2022

Worksheet Tribe Kids 8 older AUGUST 2022

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