Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Oregon

We love local. Like Voodoo Doughnut, in the heart of the action in Portland. Where, as they say, the magic is in the hole.

There’s always a line. Always. All day, all night. But half the fun is chatting to the people next to you, waiting your turn. Impatiently in my case, though that’s probably just me being me.

Glitter on the bricks entertains. And somehow mirrors the decoration on the doughnuts themselves.

Eventually, the line moves forward. And it’s ordering time.

The choices are plentiful. And the decisions difficult.

I bought a mixer. With coffee, of course. Doughnuts always go better with coffee, right? When in Portland, check them out for yourself. Good things do, in fact, come in pink boxes.


  1. jason says:

    Isn’t it obvious how good they are? If it’s not, my bad. The doughnuts are awesome, everyone’s gotta try this place when in Portland.

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