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We were introduced to Joe years ago and he was like cool but no thanks I’m too busy. You see, Joe owns the best apparel factory in America and it’s kind of like the hottest restaurant in town call it Dorsia. Reservations are basically impossible to get.

But Jack stayed in touch and two years later we flew out to meet Joe and told him our story about GORUCK Nation full of GRT’s and the future of rucking and the Challenge and Rule #1 and how we planned to grow. And then we went and drank some beers and Joe was like cool let’s do it.

So thanks to Joe and probably the fact that we don’t hate beer either we’re in the best apparel factory in America.

Why a presale? We have a foggy idea at best what your demand will be at what sizes, and we’ll be basing our order this year and next year on how much you all vote with your wallets. So please pick some up if you want the best and you want to support American manufacturing.

And yes Joe knows he’s on the hook to take his first Challenge. Any guesses what he’ll be wearing?

Jason McCarthy
Founder, GORUCK

GORUCK Apparel limited presale here.

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  1. jeanln says:

    I have enough pairs of tactical pants and jeans in men’s sizes already. I’d love some good ones in women’s sizes.

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