COMMUNITY: Why I Started My Own GORUCK Club

I have a secret to confess: I started a GORUCK club for selfish reasons.

There’s a perfectly good GORUCK club at GRHQ, only 4 miles from my home, and yet earlier this year I founded the GORUCK Mother Ruckers to serve my needs. And by needs I mean not getting into a car with my children unless I have to while maximizing time spent moving outdoors, with the option to bring my wards.

As luck would have it, turns out that my needs are also the needs of others in my community. And by community I mean local moms in my neighborhood.

This is where we meet up, on a street corner that’s a stone’s throw from everyone’s homes. Easy, convenient, just ruck up and step out your front door.

Another thing that’s really great about our GORUCK club – and all GORUCK clubs for that matter – is that you only need a party of 2. Sure, it’s better with more folks and we take the more the merrier approach when it comes to people. We call it GORUCK Mother Ruckers not to be exclusive but because our GORUCK club is run by moms. It’s also cool to bring your kids, pets, and significant others (in no particular order) or just yourself if you happen to have lucked into some free alone time. Nothing reminds you how grateful you are to have a few moments of peace from your children than being next to another parent’s screaming kid.  

Before kids, we used to workout more, sleep in more, and do less with that free time we never fully appreciated. Time is our most valuable resource, then and even more so now. We don’t have time to waste by stress-driving to make that gym or pilates class whenever the stars align for all kids to be healthy or cooperative. Somewhere floating in cyberspace is a graveyard of forgotten or unredeemed exercise classes that moms like me have decided just aren’t worth the hassle.

And yet we know deep down that we as moms and as humans need to prioritize our physical and mental health. My friend Amy said it best the other day, that “women tend to have a lot of pulls and tugs on their time.” In her career as a cardiologist, she sees that “the health of women, in terms of the time to go do physical activity and exercise, gets deprioritized to the very end of the list, after checking off everything else we need to do for everyone else. There is also a social isolation, that you end up being so busy caring for folks around you and having your nose to the grindstone, that the idea that you’re gonna just kinda go hammer it out in the gym or on an exercise machine at home, sometimes just can be lonely.”

This is the not so lonely hearts club. After some sniffing and snack stealing attempts, we ruck south on our weekly pilgrimage in search of smoothies, fresh air, and cute pups of course.

There once was a time when I ran a lot, in high school and in college and even for years after that, my favorite runs were with others or on my own to keep the cardio streak going. I still love running but dislike how fast my base erodes from an inconsistent life schedule. I also have a harder time finding someone to run with me when those unpredictable moments of freedom pop up. For some reason, probably having to do with that erodible base, when I ask my friends to go on a run with me, I don’t get a great response.

When I say, let’s go for a ruck and you can bring whoever you want and you pick the weight, I get more yesses. With rucking, the barrier for entry is lower and more accessible on many levels. On the level of not requiring a babysitter and also on being a scalable workout. We might move at kid pace but there are plenty of extra coupon carry opportunities along the way.

And so we ruck on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. Or just to the last street for a missing shoe.

At last we reach the halfway point and it’s time to refuel the restless natives. These are before smoothie faces.

And these are post smoothie smiles.

Sometimes the term selfish gets a bad rap, especially if by being selfish you really are trying to set yourself up for success to take care of others who need you, day after day, to be your best or close to it. It’s pretty empowering to prioritize yourself to the top of the list and then watch your fellow moms do the same: we can do it, better together, as neighbors and friends and parents and people.

So what’s stopping you from joining a GORUCK club or starting your own?





  1. Melissa Hamilton says:

    Wishing I lived closer than 2.5 hours away so that I could join you! ? Definitely looking forward to purchasing that awesome Mother Rucker patch!

  2. Emily McCarthy says:

    Come up anytime to join us! And DM me your address and I’ll send you a patch. – emily

  3. Wendy Cecilian Welch says:

    So it is Sunday and I have the time to sit on my patio with my favorite 4-legged fury children and read things that I hope inspire me. I often find myself skimming through GoRuck blog posts because 100% of the time I will find a post that resonates with “what happened in my world this past week”. Today it is your post . Let me explain: I am 51 and found my true calling as a strength training / conditioning instructor about 5 years ago. I am married and have four, 4 legged, furry children, and have been involved with GoRuck events for about 5 years. Recently I decided to introduce GoRuck training to my gym in the form of OPEN SATURDAY workouts, using the GoRuck monthly challenge workouts as the basis of what we do. We had our first, more official, workout this past Saturday 8/3 in a field attached to our gym parking lot. The workout was open to members and non-members and posted to our private gym page as well as our local RUCK club page. Turnout was fabulous, 14 for the first go at a loosely organized event….so today the wheels are turning…how can I make this attractive to more people….that is where your post comes in. Duh – let’s make sure everyone knows this is a family inclusive workout! Why would it not be? So thanks for this post…I am excited about the possibilities here.

  4. Beth says:

    The women in the product photos are so beautiful and strong! After reading this article I see that they are moms too. This is by far the most motivating thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time!

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