Need a Brag Moment: I Climbed Mt. Fuji!

Need a brag moment: I climbed Mt. Fuji!

I’m not the fittest or fastest, but damn, training with 30lb plate, to carrying probably maybe 10lbs or less, made this climb easier than I expected. 

I’m not a good writer, but I’m just so damn proud of some achievements.

I didn’t under pack. I packed everything I needed to use and used it! I also could find and put back items quickly, thanks to GORUCK Cadre for those dump and put back moments. I seriously love my panda ruck!

I used the time on the signs as time hacks and made most of them. The two hacks I didn’t make ended up being 15 minutes over, but I was drinking coffee at each stop because it was 3am and 4am. I didn’t have my favorite Ingress Resistance friend, Erica Townshend, to yell at me, but she would have accepted coffee as an excuse.

I kept moving.

If I needed a break, I would pause (mostly for photo taking), and break at the stations only for anything warm. I came with a WHY and purpose.

The day after, I was sore, but not “I can’t move” sore!! I ended up doing four Ingress missions after that hike.

Image courtesy of: Yuuki Dugas-Bird

When I was at the summit of Mt. Fuji, I wished everyone in the GORUCK community – especially the Badass Babes – good vibes because lots of sh!t is happening, and everything is divided. For me personally, I choose to pick up the damn log and move with the purpose of making the best kind of bad decisions.

Yuuki Dugas-Bird

About the author:

Yuuki Dugas-Bird has previously been stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Throughout her career, she worked as a social worker for 17 years. During her time as a social worker, she was focused in work Against Sex Trafficking. Later on, she began work in the Foster Care system. Being adventurous as she is, Yuuki eventually found GORUCK through the Ingress April 2016 [ExMachina].

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