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GR Cache #7, Bellbrook, Ohio

GR CACHE #7. We hide GORUCK gear. You find GORUCK gear, and keep it. Seventh dead drop: Lat/Long Coordinates (link to them on the right) 39°39'33.24"N 84° 02'32.30"W. Our last morning in town Java swam in the river (located at the end of the trail GR TAC sits atop) and then approved of our latest dead drop spot. Happy Hunting. Send us the story to cache@goruck.com. Note: Facebook requests for dead drops will be fulfilled whenever possible.

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Last Night in Bellbrook, Ohio

Another classic night in southern Ohio begins with a beer run through That BIG Drive Thru, a staple in town and a staple of our daily lives when here. But the drive home turned competitive, and before you knew it we were playing 18 holes of putt-putt golf, scorecards in hand, at a Magic Castle. It continued into the night as cornhole became more of a live target sport with overhand throws. But this night, nobody won, nobody lost, just good times all around.

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A Summer Night in Bellbrook, Ohio

Always at home in Ohio, we enjoyed our time with family and old friends. Our host dutifully slaved over the grill as drinkers roamed and chatted, chatted and roamed, challenging each other to game after game of cornhole, a Midwestern staple. The fun lasted into the wee hours of the hot yet beautiful night and if you live in the area, you probably heard loud pipes marking an exit. Loud pipes also mark an entrance, so join us tonight after the Dayton Air Show.

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