Carter’s Cobbler Shoppe, Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is a small western town with small western shops. Like Carter’s, a cobbler shoppe that feels like it’s been there for 100 years. I showed up one morning with Jack, just to check it out and maybe buy a belt. A couple hours later we left with a couple new friends. Good things happen in Montana, and everywhere else for that matter, when you ask people how they’re doing and take some time to listen.

The shop is full of Montana workingman’s cologne, aka the smell of leather. And there’s no doubt that a lot of work goes on in the shop. Pretty much any and everything leather-related.

Above is (Jeff) Carter, holding back the smiles, but only sort of. Below is the belt buckle I showed up with. It seemed only right to have Montana leather around it, so now it does.


  1. Austin says:

    This stuff looks pretty neat! I don’t see belts or that wallet in the store online. Know how I could get a hold of one?

  2. Dex says:

    Great story–it is good to see that cobbling is still a viable business–one that is often passed down from generation to generation. It reminds me of my late uncle’s shop, Marelli Shoe Repair in San Rafael, CA (tho Carters’s is much more organized!). My cousins now run the shop, and I expect their kids will as well.

  3. J.B. says:

    I’ve spent time in Bozeman and nearby Livingston. There is an amazing vibe there – a great sense of community and pride. They seem to appreciate every man’s work and contribution from a doctor to a cobbler. We can all learn something from that area!

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