Why GORUCK: It’s Not About You

Log PT_It's not about you_GORUCK Heavy

Fort Bragg GORUCK Heavy, Log PT

It’s not about you. And 12 hours into a cold GORUCK Heavy, Cadre Jerad had some words to that effect:

If you want to see how delicate the fabric of the team is, quit now and see how it crumbles. Every person plays an equal part in the team, and if you quit, the team will fail.
Jason always talks about how tough you all are for doing these events because they’re a day in the life and it takes a lot of balls to finish them. Well, I think Jason is wrong. If you think you have big balls, quit right now, in the up position. That takes bigger balls than finishing.

Nobody quit and of course that was the point. Later to me, Jerad smiled and said: “it’s pretty crude, but it works Hahaha.”

It’s easy to quit on yourself in life. It’s significantly harder to quit on your team. Jerad and our Cadre exploit this bond among teammates to show you what you’re capable of as an individual and as part of a team working together. To push you beyond limits you never though you could surpass.

So yeah, It’s not about you. Life isn’t and neither is your GORUCK Event.

Why GORUCK focuses on the lessons you learn in GORUCK Events, which are based on our Cadre’s experiences serving in Special Operations, both in training and in war.

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