1. Pete says:

    Don’t settle for living your life through a postcard. Be the one that tells them “you just had to be there!”

    ~Pete 007/016

  2. Kit says:

    Class 003- GoRuck it the epitome of teamwork and friendship. A time shared with mutual pain and misery but you come through stronger on the other end. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and experience what it means to really live. GoRuck- definitely “Good Livin”.

  3. Hal Lynch says:

    Great photos and an excellent new layout. Step up and push yourself in a GORUCK challenge. You will learn more about yourself in the 8-10 hrs than some people learn in a lifetime. Good livin’

    Hal 009

  4. Justin says:

    It’s a challenge that everyone seeking a little adventure must complete. Don’t just endure though, enjoy the hell out of it.

  5. Beaux says:

    It turns a group of strangers into a team hungry for the next obstacle and thirsty for the next shared beer. If it were easy we wouldn’t show up.

  6. Lovely says:

    Great time. Good people. Incredible experience. As DS Quashie would say…Out(*expletive*)standing.

    I can’t wait to see what Jason and GoRuck think of next.

    Class 002

  7. Moshe Klyman says:

    guys make your life epic! Outside of being Commander Jason himself, there is no other way to prove good living outside of the Challenge. Prove it to your classmates and to yourselves and join the next class.
    class 004, 012, future 020, future 024, future 025

  8. Mike Haughey says:

    You see, I lost my desire for mindless training miles and racing against a clock. For “cross training” at only 3 disciplines(s,b,r).
    All the while trying to set a new “PR”…woohoo! What I found was…a”Challenge”…a Goruck Challenge! Something physical…something mental…and something spiritual for me. An event that requires complete fitness and discipline. Thanks for the challenge it was a blast! And welcome all you burnt out looking for something else freaks…. Mike #016

  9. Ben O'Grady says:

    At age 35, I can see so much more clearly what are real and perceived boundaries. My athletic potential has skyrocketed simply by changing my mindset. Whereas before a 400lb deadlift would have been an impossibility for me, now it’s simply a matter of time. None of these shifts would have been possible without the crucible that is the GoRuck Challenge.

    Oh yeah, me and a few fellow GoRuckers signed up for a 25 mile Mega Transect race over a mountain in October. We’ll be sporting our hats and packs.

    Class 007.

  10. Phil McIntire says:

    The GORUCK Challenge is truly a life-changing event. If you want to experience mind over matter, this is it! After completing the challenge I refuse to fail anything I put my mind to. Good Livin’ indeed. I can’t wait to rack more challenges under my belt.

    Class 004.

  11. William says:

    What others have called crazy I now get to wear like a badge on my GoRuck. To Good Living and heart breakn.
    Class 001

  12. John says:

    I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I signed up for this but it turned into the best experience all year. Looking forward to the GORUCK Ascent.

    Good livin’ 001

  13. Eric says:

    The GORUCK Challenge is a test, of your team and yourself. Can you pull your weight? Will you help your buddy? What kind of person are you? I was also tired of mindless triathlon training and looking for something else.
    I found it when I signed up for GORUCK. My team was great and we had a blast at the Austin Tough Mudder. I’m looking forward to seeing my brothers and sisters at future GORUCK Events.
    We have the unbreakable bond of a shared experience, and we carry it everywhere (just like our GORUCK Tough patch).

    Class 008

  14. James Hawkins says:

    The GORUCK Challenge has given me certainty in my resolve to never quit and I owe a lot to the cadre for pushing me past my self-imposed “limits”. The body can handle damn near anything as long as the mind tells it to keep going, do it with a smile, and that this is some Good Livin’. I had the opportunity to articulate what the GORUCK Challenge truly encompasses for the ToughestMudder website. Here are the links:

    James Classes 006/013

  15. Harvey Potts says:

    Good livin! The pictures speak for themselves. Smiles abound. Great scenery. Camraderie. Friendships forged in blood, sweat, and tears.When I watch the videos of the challenge and Mudder I get the chills and I was there. Jason is a genius. Hats off to GORUCK. See ya soon!

    NY Class 003

  16. Nik Keramidas says:

    Good livin’ is right! It brings strangers together and creates a common bond, not just among the team but through the GORUCK Tough family! It is a life changing experience and a chance to prove to yourself what you are capable of accomplishing. The greater lesson learned, that it’s all mental, is what i tell myself in every challenge i face now!!

    Texas Class 008

  17. ron hull says:

    who are the two guys in vmi sweat dyke? that is solid! i may have to find mine for the madison challenge…

  18. jason says:

    John and Arthur were great, VMI dyke and all. As for Joe, New Orleans is a special place, and we’d love to get there sooner than later. Likely late 2011 or early 2012. See ya there.

  19. Tom Harshman says:

    I turned 50 this year. I have served my country, God to the fullest, and filled my ultimate goal of a family with a loving wife and four wonderful children. I spent years doing triathlons, cross state cycling events, moutaineering, running, workout fads and about any physical challenge I could attempt. I also found myself thinking most of it I had failed at. then the Lord let me know I had actually been more successful than crediting myself for. Everyone is always saying, “you’re too old for that”, when are you going to grow up”, You’re going to break a hip”, bla bla bla. I have no idea what I am about to challenge myself in other than what I have heard. HOWEVER, I do know one thing…I AM DRIVEN! And I will go down quietly when they throw dirt on me in the end…I am honored to read most of what you all have written. So I registered – Boston, May 1st, 2011 – 7 am.

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