Selection – Jacksonville Beach 2014 Update


GORUCK Selection Requirements Update:

PT Test & 12 Mile Ruck (Worn):

Tan (not brown) shirt
Black shorts
Underwear (at your discretion)
PT Belt
Shoes or boots

Windbreaker/tops at the Cadre’s discretion (weather dependent)
No additional gear is authorized for wear during the PT Test & 12-Mile Ruck.

Be prepared for the PT Test in Jacksonville Beach to be conducted on the beach.

Following the run, you will be given the opportunity to change your shoes/boots.
Following the ruck march, you will be given the opportunity to adjust your worn attire.

Gear regulations

  • Rucksacks must be conservative in nature and lacking excessive exterior branding or logos.
  • You must have minimum one (1) 2”x3” or larger empty piece of Velcro on your rucksack.
  • Morale patches are not authorized.
  • If your hair touches your eyes when wet, it must be in a hair tie or a hair clip at all times. Bandanas and sweatbands are not authorized.
  • PT Belt must be secured to your rucksack 100% of the time. This requires two (2) PT Belts, one (1) worn and one (1) secured to your rucksack.
  • Worn t-shirt must be tan (not brown) and must lack any exterior logos. You are authorized to wear an additional shirt(s) underneath your worn tan t-shirt following the conclusion of the 12-Mile Ruck as long as it is conservative in nature and lacking exterior logos (while worn underneath).
  • Gloves and hats may be worn if and only if authorized by the Cadre.

Medical Issues

If you have pre-existing medical issues, contact us prior with a description and what needs to happen. We will then be in touch and our Cadre will ensure you get what you need. You will also have a medical screening prior to the commencement of Selection. Despite the near impossibility of the event, your safety is our #1 concern, always.

Don’t Be Stupid

A small note to further de-humanize us for this event. If you send a note to with questions (other than medical ones) or if you PM any of the Cadre on FB, your probability of passing decreases significantly.

Selection begins at 1300 on October 9th, 2014, in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Currently 177 participants are signed up. At one point we had 278 registered, meaning 101 of them to date have decided not to show up. Good on them.

Further instructions here.


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