No Swimming With Monster

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Never turn down an invitation is more a lifestyle than an absolute but sorry guys I’m tired from the workout oh wait you all did it too but I’m tireder so I’m gonna have to pass on that 7am paddleboard sunrise thing at the Key Bridge Boathouse there’s a Challenge tonight and I need my sleep.

That’s the intro to no good story ever so at risk of breaking the no swimming rules Monster and I headed to link up with Devin and the Balance gang.

Yes, Monster was nervous.

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_02

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_03

I had a big camera inside my bullet and the bullet would be fine but the camera doesn’t like water much and the swimming option was always lingering but if I don’t take any pics Monster will be disappointed ha ha so we’ll compromise and bring the phone with a not so lifeproof case on it especially if life means the bottom of the Potomac River. Life has risk you have to accept that and do whacha gotta do.

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_04

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_05

Deep breath I enjoy the water the worst thing that happens is I perfect my doggy paddle a little sooner than I’d planned to.

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Jason Monster DC Potomac River_Paddle Boarding

Our friends had already pulled ahead around Roosevelt Island 500 meters or so in front which was a blow to my competitive streak and standing up for more speed was a no-go you shoulda seen Monster’s reaction to that it wasn’t good. But I’d rather lose and be with people and a Monster I love than win and be alone and who determines who wins anyway this was fun with friends not a race. On their way back in someone took a pic of us or it never happened and then the wake came from those fine rowers and at that point then and there the idea of my personal space on the board disappeared and Monster had one thing and one thing only on his mind: shore.

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_09

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_10

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_11

Almost there…

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_12

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_13

I love you too.

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_14

Now we live I mean wait in absolute safety and the next time won’t be scary at all cause we’ve already done it and isn’t that how life works best.

Key Bridge Boathouse_02

Key Bridge Boathouse_03

Monster_Paddle Boarding_DC_16

We all drank some coffee before I woulda been up otherwise and nobody had any regrets then on the way out DC Dan’s like hey every Friday 7am you’re invited and I know you don’t say no to that stuff insert big smile JOIN, or DIE.

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