The Pentagon Memorial at Night

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184 too many in sum from age 3 to age 71 all fell that day and it coulda been any of us is the point and 1979 would have been my year. Now, each life lost too soon is memorialized with a bench and when not if you’re there here’s how you can differentiate those lost who were on the flight and those who were working at the Pentagon: if you can see the name and look at the Pentagon then they were in the Pentagon. If you look at the name and can see the sky, they were on the plane. The loss feels no different to me.

For me they were all victims and the differentiation serves as a stark reminder of how, exactly, they all fell. A plane crashed into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Lest we forget why so many feel the way we do about 9/11 and lest we forget why we’re still at war.

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