Selection 002: Kling Video

I met Kling at the Atlanta Scavenger two weeks before Selection Class 002. Rule #1 in full effect with the shades and all, but you never know what someone has inside of them till life gets real. And life got real at 002. 19 people started, but 24 hours in – with 24+ hours to go – Roster #009 (aka Kling) was the only one left. Selection is not about being better than the rest and it’s not a race – it’s about a standard. If you meet it, great. If you don’t, better luck next time. As Cadre, our job is to enforce the standard. We’re cold, callous, and methodical – same as our Cadre were to us back in the day. Truth be told, we want you to succeed, we want you to overcome, and we can show you how – at the Challenge. At Selection, you find out if you can make it alone, not how to make it together.


  1. Frank says:

    Great video… this makes me want to grow a beard, grab the heaviest thing in my office and, run right out the front door of the building all the way home. All of these Selection vets are just a helluva inspiration.

  2. Will says:

    This is why I love GORUCK.

    Kling, you’re a BAMF – Respect.

    This makes me want to grow a beard, but it would take decades.

  3. zach says:

    This video will now be a staple of my Selection training. Going after mine in September, way to fucking inspire a person Kling!

  4. Jared K. says:

    So this brings up something I’ve always been curious about with selection: You can be dropped if you’re unable to complete a physical challenge *within a time period*? I’ve been wondering if you can still be a candidate as long as you complete something, or if you have to meet certain performance criteria in order to stay eligible. There is a massive difference between those two, and would seemingly shift the load more toward the physical prowess side of things rather than it being purely mental. Any info publicly available, or is this just something you have to find out when you get there?

  5. jason says:

    Jared, performance drops are very rare (at GORUCK Selection) and the ultimate test is mental. You have to fight through threats and self-doubt and imposed doubt because our Cadre are trying to use any weakness you have to get inside your head. That’s all part of the game. And if you show up, you have to show up ready. Don’t sweat the whole ‘time period’ thing too bad, but also don’t be last – it pays to be a winner and it sucks to be a loser.

  6. Steve A says:

    Kling, as you’ve heard before from everyone- great job. What you’ve done is great for you and even better for others- ie; inspiration.
    There is definitely an added value now with the ability to see it on video. Thanks/Steve

  7. philip szrama says:

    I have watched this everyday for the last week and will continue to do so. It inspires me to keep training and trying to get mentally prepared for my first GORUCK Challenge in 2 weeks.

  8. Albert Head says:

    I can’t believe people actually pay for this. Quite a racket! The real challenge would be if they could do this alone, without some moron shouting in their face. THAT’S discipline! Special forces my ass.!

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