Sandbag & Ruck Training Workout: Mosher

Still thinking about trying out our Sandbag & Ruck Training programming? We offer simple (but not easy) workouts that are scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere — your garage, your front yard, at a park with your friends. You choose the time, the place, and your teammates.

Here’s just a taste of one of our tougher workouts:

4 Rounds
14 Sandbag Front Squats
25ft Lunge Walk
14 Shoulder to Overhead
25ft Bear Crawl with Single Arm Sandbag Drag

Weight suggestions: Choose a moderate sandbag weight that will allow you to keep a steady pace for all 4 rounds. We recommend – 60lbs for men and 40lbs for women (can also sub for rucksack at any weight).

Movement Breakdown:

Sandbag Front Squats

Clean your sandbag up to the front rack position and squat all the way down (below parallel, if possible) and then stand all the way up and lock your hips out.

25ft Lunge Walk

Mark off a course of 12.5ft out and 12.5ft back and begin your lunges by cleaning the sandbag up and setting it on your back. Keep your knees stacked about shoulder width apart and make sure you push your knees outward as you walk (don’t let them cave in).

Shoulder to Overhead

Clean your sandbag again into a full or power squat, then dip and drive the sandbag or ruck overhead and lock those arms out for 14 reps.

Bear Crawl

Using the same 25ft course (12.5ft out and 12.5ft back) start on your hands and feet and as you move forward, drag the sandbag along with you with one arm.

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