Kill That 5K Garrett vs. … Val??

Kill That 5K Jax Beach is rapidly approaching. Garrett talks about the #1 FAQ what’s the deal with the weight.
There are three heats if you wanna compete. If not it’s called a fun ruck and your weight is up to you.

Elite – 45#
Male 30#
Female 20#

Where # = Finish line weight.

Finish line weight means the weight, you guessed it, that you cross the finish line with. If you have water in your ruck to start but you drink it and you cross the finish line with a ruck that’s under weight you’ll be disqualified. Make sense? Yes, you can still drink beers at the greatest after party any 5K has ever seen.
Heats will start in sequence starting at 1700 aka 5pm on Saturday night, with a few minutes in between each. Not competing? not a problem it’s called a Fun ruck and you pick the weight from 0 – whatever.


One most important question remains? Will Garrett even place in the Top 3? Doubtful at this point, lots of folks gunnin’ for him, including Val. Bam!


  1. Richard Rosenbaum says:

    It was very cool to see the “rivalry” building up to the event and then actually see those people out at the event. I had a great time which I never thought I would say about a 5K.

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