Interviewing Paige and Her Smile and Her Hope

Girls at Selection (filmed the morning after “The Bet”)

Hope springs eternal and believing in others is probably why everyone loves her. But smart money says we’ll see Paige and the other Selection finishers in Bozeman August 20, 2015 for Class 017.

Summary of The Bet: when no female passes Selection 015 (this one), Paige has to do Selection, again, in 2015. Several other Selection finishers, including Webb and Olof, agreed to do it with her in a fated night at the Team House. Good on them, Selection is a team event. Oh wait…

Of note is that August in Montana is a lovely time of year. Magical in fact, and best when shared with friends.

Join them in Bozeman here.

Paige Bowie_Selection 002

On the Selection Finishers Community

Paige Bowie_GORUCK Selection Finisher_Girl_05

Finishers  sticking together on the high ground, watching Class 014 get thrashed. A significantly better spot to be than on the low ground in and out of the surf with the Cadre.

Selection Finish_GORUCK

Here’s to Paige and everyone pictured for sticking together, again. See ya in Bozeman but since Paige is also coming to this one 015 the smart way aka not participating I’ll see her soon smiles and hugs and if I weren’t in Selection mode I’d probably hope someone proves her right because the probabilities go out the window when all you need is one and here’s to the eternal soul that refuses to quit.

The End and How Hard Is It?


  1. David Bowie says:

    My comment is..what ‘s the counterparty side of Paige’ s bet” look like? Paige is faced up with a 2nd Selection and the time, training and gut wrenching discipline that comes with it if she loses. Well, what’s in store forJason should a female break the string and finish? A $10,000 contribution to Paige’s favorite charity? A Selection? A 100 mile run? There should be consideration for both parties for this to be an honorable agreement. If I sound a bit misshaped it’s because I’m her dad and I am.
    How about an answer?
    Thanks, David

  2. jason says:

    Sir, I’m an enormous fan of your daughter’s, and it was great to see her yesterday. Right now my focus is on Event operations in supports of Selection 015. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to chat with Paige about it. Thanks for raising one helluva person.

  3. jason says:

    Michael – no offense intended. They certainly are women, including Paige, who have showed up and if ‘girls’ seems to indicate something besides that they’re not boys (and vice versa) that is not the intent. Probably you can trace it back to my preference for the more familiar style of guys and gals as opposed to males and females or men and women.

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