Selection 015: Original Coverage

ENDEX / 025 on GORUCK Cadre
Jon (formerly roster number 025) shares the secret behind GORUCK Cadre.


Celebration for Jon! #selection015

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Congratulations to Jon Eytchison for completing GORUCK, #selection015! Awesome job.

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1300 Saturday / Shark Attack and ENDEX / Congratulations 025
Roster number 025 becomes Jon Eytchison again. Cadre and HQ couldn’t be more proud of this man.


#selection015 / ENDEX / Congratulations 025

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1230 Saturday / Shark Attack

1200 Saturday / Cadre Recap: Long Walk Nearing Completion
Cadre Tyler gives an update on roster number 025 as he moves from The Long Walk to The Shark Attack.


#selection015 / 1130 Saturday / Long Walk Nearing Completion

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#selection015 / 1030 Saturday / Sandbag makes for slow steps.

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#selection015 / 1023 Saturday / 1 candidate remains. Long walk continues.

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1000 Saturday / On a Scale of 1 to 10…?
“It’s definitely gone down since this morning.” -Roster number 025

1000 Saturday / Sandbag Babies

0900 Saturday / The Long Walk
Four More Hours.

0800 Saturday / The Long Walk


#selection015 / 0800 Saturday / 1 candidate remains. 025 is still in the midst of his long walk.

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0800 Saturday / Cadre Recap: Sunrise on The Long Walk
“Barring a meteorite hitting him, he’s going to finish.” -Cadre Dakotah

0530 Saturday / Cadre Recap: 025 Going Strong on The Long Walk
“It’s looking good–and he deserves it.” -Cadre Geoff

Flashback: 0200 Saturday / Roster Number 025: Pre-Long Walk
Cadre: “How are you feeling right now on a scale of 1 to 10?”
025: “I would say about an 8.”


#selection015 / 0200 Saturday / The Long Walk / 1 candidate remains. 025 begins the long walk. 037 has been med dropped.

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Flashback: 1500 Friday / Mid Event Rest

Flashback: The First 24 Hours – Part 2

0200 Saturday / Cadre Recap: Roster Number 037 – Med Drop
“He’s getting crushed by something he can’t control.” -Cadre Tyler


0200 Saturday / The Long Walk / 1 candidate remains.
025 begins The Long Walk. 037 has been med dropped.


#selection015 / 2130 Friday / 2 candidates remain. Candidates are digging their own fighting positions for a beach landing.

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2100 Friday / Cadre Update: 2nd Welcome Party / 2 candidates remain.
“This one’s gonna be 4 hours…just like the first one. With the same number of Cadre as the first one…but with only 2 participants. Right now they are out of their minds smoked and it’s gonna be rough.” -Cadre Tyler


Flashback: 1700 Friday / Log PT
Perfect Florida weather does not affect the difficulty of Selection. Enter the water hose.

2000 Friday / Cadre Recap: 2nd PT Test / 2 candidates remain.
“It’s going to be a long night, they’re not even close to being done.” -Cadre Bert


#selection015 / 1945 Friday / 2 candidates remain. The PT begins. Again.

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Flashback: 1830 Friday / Sandbag PT


#selection015 / 1850 Friday / 2 candidates remain. Sandbag PT.

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Flashback: 1700 Friday / Log PT

1800 Friday / 069 withdraws.
“I have to value the health of myself and my teammates over a patch.” -Roster number 069


#selection015 / 1800 Friday / 2 candidates remain. “069 is one of the most mentally strong candidates to ever attempt Selection, but his body can’t catch up. Selection isn't for everyone.” -Cadre Bert

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1800 Friday / 2 candidates remain.
“You can’t just power through everything.” -Cadre Tyler

069_feet copy

1730 Friday / Cadre Recap: The 24 Hour Shift / 3 candidates remain.
“At this point, 24 hours, everyone here mentally wants to be here. The problem that they gotta deal with now is their own body…it’s not us.” -Cadre Tyler


#selection015. Log PT underway.

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1700 Friday / Log PT / 3 candidates remain.
“I want all three of these dudes to pass.” -Cadre Geoff

GORUCK Cadre don’t want a black class any more than you do.

Flashback: 1500 Friday / Mid Event Counseling / Roster number 025 status

Flashback: 1500 Friday / Mid Event Counseling / Roster number 037 status

Flashback: 1500 Friday / Mid Event Counseling / Roster number 069 status

Flashback: 1500 Friday / Mid Event Counseling / Roster number 039 status

1600 Friday / Roster number 039 withdraws.
Final words from 039 and a message to 025, 037, and 069.


1600 Friday / Just before Log PT / 3 candidates remain.
Roster number 039 has voluntarily withdrawn from Selection 015.

1500 Friday / Med Check / 4 candidates remain.
Cadre Bert reviews the physical and mental condition of candidates 025, 037, 039, and 069.


1400 Friday / Cadre Led Ruck to Mid Event Counseling

After the Cadre-led bucket carry along the beach under the sun, the 4 remaining candidates were given electrolytes in the form of one Gatorade each. They were also given 10 minutes under the shade and told to perform the priorities of work to include water re-supply and foot maintenance.

The caloric greatly increased performance from each of the 4 candidates, a normal occurrence for bodies deprived of energy for 24+ hours. All 4 have arrived at their midway counseling. They will be given a medical screening, some food, and limited time for priorities of work to include a rest plan.

Flashback: The First 24 Hours

0115 Friday / David Thomas Selection Finisher Mid-Way AAR of Selection 015.
David has been shadowing Selection 015 from the initial Cadre brief (the night prior) through hour 24 of the event.

1230 Friday / Performance Failure Patches Explained.
Cadre Garrett explains the tan, yellow, and red patches and their indication of performance at Selection 015.

1200 Friday / Cadre Led Ruck / 4 candidates remain.
Cadre Mickey assesses the class before leading them on their next movement.


#selection015 / 1030 Friday / 4 candidates remain. Roster number 044 was going strong and incurred no performance failures before his med drop. We're sad to see him go.

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1030 Friday / 4 candidates remain.
Roster number 044 suffered heat exhaustion and was med dropped during the Bucket Carry.

Flashback: Pre-Selection Teaser, September 2014

3 of the remaining 5 candidates in Selection 015 passed the Pre-Selection Teaser last month. Probably not a coincidence.


#selection015 / 0900 Friday / This many Cadre were never meant for so few candidates.

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#selection015. After last night, only 5 remain. Now begins the bucket carry, don't spill.

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0800 Friday / 5 candidates remain.
Roster numbers: 025, 037, 039, 044, 069.











0800 Friday / Cadre Recap: Morning Update / 5 candidates remain.
Sun’s out, but only 5 live to see it. Cadre Garrett catches us up.

0200 Friday / Welcome Party / 0 women remain.
Roster number 075, the last woman at Selection 015, has dropped.


0030 Friday / Welcome Party / 17 candidates remain.
The candidate to Cadre ratio is quickly becoming more and more perilous. There is no one to hide behind anymore.

0000 Friday / 013: What happened?
“You just have to 100% want to do it with every single cell in your body…and I just wanted to be done.”


#selection015 / Flashback: 2300 Thursday / Welcome Party / 013 taking a swim.

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2300 Thursday / Welcome Party / 1 woman remains.
013 is out.


#selection015 / 2300 Thursday / Welcome Party / In only 1 hour the Welcome Party has already claimed 6.

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2300 Thursday / Welcome Party / 2 women remain.
075 and 013 making Paige proud.


2200 Thursday / Welcome Party / 25 candidates remain.
Selection 015 truly begins now.

Welcome roster numbers: 004, 007, 009, 010, 013, 020, 022, 023, 025, 030, 032, 033, 037, 039, 042, 044, 059, 062, 066, 068, 069, 070, 072, 075, 081.


#selection015 / 2130 Thursday / Note to self: don't get caught sleeping by the Cadre.

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2130 Thursday / Prepare for the hardest Welcome Party in the history of GORUCK.
A roughly 2:1 candidate to Cadre ratio is nothing short of pain, suffering, and misery. The real Selection hasn’t even started yet.


Flashback: 1730 Thursday / 5 Mile Run
“This is the landscape of Selection.” -Cadre Patrick

2000 Thursday / Cadre Recap: Disappointment & Hope
Cadre Jason and Cadre Tyler share their thoughts on how Selection 015 is starting out.


1800 Thursday / 5 Mile Run / 31 candidates remain.
Over 20 candidates failed to complete the 5-mile run in under 40 minutes.

1730 Thursday / Cadre Recap: PT Test
“Selection is not for everyone.” -Cadre Bert


1700 Thursday / PT Test / 23 performance failures.
20 men and 3 women are heading home after failing to complete the push-up or sit-up standard.

Goodbye roster numbers: 001, 002, 014, 016, 019, 021, 026, 027, 040, 041, 043, 045, 046, 049, 051, 056, 058, 067, 071, 078, 082, 084, 086.


1630 Thursday / PT Test / 35 initial failures.
35 candidates have failed the initial PT test. 23 push-up failures, 20 sit-up failures. Retests commencing now.


#selection015 / 1500 Thursday / PT Test / It's a great day at the beach for push-ups and sit-ups.

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1430 Thursday / 7 women begin.
“If no girl finishes Paige has to do Selection, again, in 2015.” So to the 7 women at Selection 015, do it for Paige…

Full story on Paige and the bet here and here.


1300 Thursday / 82 candidates begin.
“Welcome to GORUCK Selection, the hardest endurance event in the world.” -Cadre Bert


#selection015 / 0900 Thursday / Med Screen / Never been so scared of paperwork.

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0800 Thursday / Weather Forecast
Perfect with a 100% chance of pain.


1700 Wednesday / 162 candidates remain.
116 quitters…before it has even begun.


1530 Wednesday
Selection is a standard and we’re prepared for everyone signed up to meet it.

Follow the Pain
If you’re smart and have decided to follow the pain instead of living it, we’ve got ya covered:

  1. This Selection 2015 News Post will house a near real time updated feed of photos, videos, and commentary from Cadre. The GORUCK Truck has a dedicated team operating out of it to capture the pain. You can expect 30-50 updates throughout the event, including a live stream of the end. Bookmark the url of this news post for easy reference.
  2. GORUCK Facebook page with photos and commentary.
  3. GORUCK Tough (GRT) Facebook Group. Closed to finishers of the GORUCK Challenge or GORUCK Light.
  4. Twitter and Instagram from our GORUCK Truck team’s phones.
  5. Outside TV is bringing a film crew to capture the entire event, but we’ll all have to wait to see their final production. Previous work of theirs on the GORUCK Challenge here.

Starting Thursday October 9th at 1300 that’s 1pm ET from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, enjoy the show from the hardest 48+ Hours money can buy unless, of course, you are the show. In which case, have a nice swim.



  1. Dylan MacGregor says:

    If you did this on a Saturday-Sunday, you would most certainly take off the next few days. The strategy is having the weekend to recoup..

  2. cassidy says:

    Merry Selection Day, weirdos. Let’s see what’s under the tree? OH, IT’S PAIN AND SUFFERING!

  3. PaulBTall says:

    Does anyone else think we’re going to bring down the internet looking for constant selection updates?

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