The Hardest 48+ Hours Money Can Buy

GORUCK Selection is a 48+ Hour individual endurance event based on the standards of Special Forces Assessment and Selection.

The Brief History of Selection
We never wanted to run this event, we were happy building teams and smiling and showing anyone who showed up for the GORUCK Challenge that they’re capable of so much more together, as a team.

But a few told us the Challenge was too easy or wasn’t fair or was too much team or whatever. And that you wanted the ultimate individual test. So our Cadre created GORUCK Selection and almost nobody finishes this one because you’re weaker as individuals and that weakness is easy to exploit. We subject the candidates to utter depravity of the human condition but that’s what it takes to mirror the standard so that’s what we do and if you enjoy things like swimming with sharks not in one of those cage things either, this event is for you.

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