Comfort Is the Enemy

Comfort is the enemy, but here’s the thing. The surest way to defeat it is to find something you’re scared as hell of, train your ass off, and do it.

Outcomes be damned, to fight is to win and true tragedy is reserved for those souls who fear nothing, who venture nowhere, and who grow comfortable being comfortable. That’s the boring life I’ve spent my life avoiding. I’ve been cold, wet, miserable, exhausted, out of my league amongst true warriors, and scared of certain death. I broke my nose and passed out as I jumped out of an aircraft, only to crack my tailbone and concuss my head as I landed. I’ve cried more than I care to admit, alone and afraid, and failed miserably at things that mattered infinitely to me.

But I’ve ventured forward, fear be damned. And through GORUCK, I’ve met tens of thousands of more people like me, like us. Cadre and participants alike. Kindred spirits who fear not so much failure as that we may not perform when our best is required.

And it is often required.

I’m proudly one of us. And we’re proudly hosting try-outs for you and anyone you might know who wants to join our family this new year, 2017.

It’s called the GORUCK Challenge. There’s no prize money, and in case of success all you earn is a patch and the respect of the people to your left, and the people to your right.

Train your ass off and SIGN UP, or don’t, and miss the good life.



“GORUCK has provided a new realm of physical activity and camaraderie that I was missing. After being exposed to rucking by a close friend I didn’t get it at first. I was at a point in my life where my family was growing and time was scarce. What was this really going to do for me? After much persuasion I got my GR1, loaded it up, and started to ruck. After completing my first event I realized that this was more than just exercise, this was family. Everyone came from different walks of life, but we were all connected. Lasting friendships were made and earned. Since then I have signed up for 4 more events in 2017, and looking to squeeze in some more. Take my advice; life gets busy but don’t wait, get outside and get rucking! Embrace the Ruck!!”

Houston, TX

“When I retired from rugby, I felt a void in my soul that no amount of individual exercise goals or travel could ever fill. When the opportunity arose to do some “special forces” style training, I jumped at the chance. That first night was a long one, with lots of self doubts and demons whispering in my ear. However, there was no way I was going to let an Army guy (Cadre Garret) see a Marine quit. GORUCK helped me to discover what was lacking in my life, the teamwork and camaraderie that comes from accomplishing a mission together. Whether a moment of silence on the hallowed grounds of 9/11, finding just how much I had in the tank at Ft. Bragg, or delivering toys to sick children, GORUCK has given me a purpose again. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities being part of the GRT team has given me.”

Milwaukee, WI


“GORUCK has been a part of my life for the past 5 years. In this time, I have completed multiple events including Toughs, Lights, a Scavenger, and a couple of special events. Being part of these provided me an opportunity to reflect on who I was and to identify weaknesses that I wanted to strengthen and strengths I could share. I am now stronger both mentally and physically because of these events. However, the greatest impact of completing a GORUCK event is meeting some of the greatest people in our country. The bridge between military and civilians is built during these events and is strengthened in the months and years following. GORUCK events and gear are some of the best in the world but the ultimate reward for completing a GORUCK event is becoming a part of the GORUCK Community, and that is worth embracing the suck.”

New Orleans, LA



  1. Luke Cussen says:

    Jason – thank you for this inspiring message. I needed a push off the ledge today and this was it. I just signed up for my first Heavy and I’m ready to get uncomfortable as hell. DFQ!

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