A GORUCK Challenge Surrounding the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

The Navy owns the water. That was our theory anyway, and 90 midshipmen at the Naval Academy didn’t prove us wrong.  The colder the better, apparently, as several went so far as to challenge sub-zero wind chill temps with only shorts on. They took all that we gave them: telephone poles for miles, back and forths over the oh shit bridge, 200 meters of bounding bear crawls…and continual uncertainty.  By the end, each of the classes, 011, 012, 013, and 014 relished the shared experiences that outsiders could not quite comprehend.  And because Beaux couldn’t let them have all the fun, he checked out the waters himself and reported back with big smiles that the Navy could keep their cold as hell waters all to themselves.  And so as we left Annapolis, now friends with some of America’s best young leaders, shared smiles and shared shivers revealed our pride in proving our original theory right.


  1. Kristijonas says:

    Ahhh – what an experience. As a member of Class 013, I’m overjoyed to see these pictures and know that I was able to take part of this extremely motivating team exercise. It’s always a great time when your body feels crushed to pieces, and the GRC definitely did a number on me. Good livin’!

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