Joe Warner Bragg Heavy

Why the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy? Why is this event “the King of all Rucks” as Cadre Dan says? What does it mean? Watch the end of this video and the energy you feel from his video alone should tell you.

Do you want to go on a mission with Special Forces Green Berets and pay tribute to Joe Warner? That was the mission. Mission accomplished! Who accomplished this said mission? It was the GRTs here in this video. There were some sacred moments that will be left on the sands of Ft. Bragg, NC. You too can experience this next year. 2017 JWBH will be even better. 

Are you worried if you can physically and emotionally make this? This last one was 27 hours. The answer is yes ……..yes you can make it. I asked a GRT at hour 6 of 8 hours of hell “how are you feeling? Think your doing well?” She replied “I don’t think I’m strong enough and I’m not helping the Team.” I then told her something I experienced in Selection.

A cadre told me “your looking weak-just quit already”.
I replied “I may be weak-I’m not the strongest or fastest-but I can’t quit because I don’t know how”
the point is don’t assess yourself. You put in the work and do if for Joe and the Team. If you didn’t know Joe then here’s your chance to meet a great American, Special Forces Officer, and GORUCK Cadre. Also, you’ll meet new friends for a lifetime.

– Cadre Jesse

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