When in Vegas and a Lotus Inspired Fire Belly

Lotus of Siam_Thai Restaurant_Las Vegas_01
When in Rome do that and when in Vegas don’t do that if you actually have work to do the human body is resilient but a man’s gotta know his limitations and allegedly there’s this place with the best Thai food in the country and then the joke was maybe that means America or maybe Thailand or both more like it why you ask because ‘Merica that’s why and yeah yeah we’re still amped up from the gun stuff and one more ‘Merica cause two is one and one is none can you feel my smile or what?

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The place is called Lotus and it’s in a strip mall next to an Affordable Dental office and there’s a sign on the door telling you how bad the neighborhood is and when they ask you what size beer you want take the big one you may not get another chance to order and this place is a great alternative to being wherever your bank account goes to die and it’s pretty funny how some place so agnostic to everything but the quality of the food can thrive and ‘Merica best in the world.

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Oh good the waiter’s here and hey how how do you want your dish 1 to 10 and Andy said I’ll take an 8 and our waiter said you sure no question mark insert disbelief and Andy said when in Vegas and everyone tried it and Fire Belly awaketh and hence the big beer and like so many things in Vegas it was worth it one time and check it out if you’re in town it’s the best Thai food in the country and ‘Merica and more guns tomorrow.

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  1. Jason says:

    Hah hah, the 8/10 comment reminds me when I ordered the “fire naan bread” at an indian place. It is loaded with habaneros. The waiter, the hostess, the chef, AND the owner all came over to make sure I wanted it. 4 beers and half of it later I lost my hearing, could barely swallow, and was dreading the next day on the can…:P

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