Chatting with AJ Hawk on The HawkCast


Had a blast chatting with AJ on The HawkCast, who hails from the same great state of Ohio.

If you’re familiar with GORUCK, skip through the first few minutes to hear more about military issues, how NFL players are and are not like soldiers, PTSD, why I hate Hurt Locker, and oh yeah, you’ll get to hear me and AJ agree that the 2002 Ohio State National Championship Game (Go Bucks!) was indeed the best game either of us has ever seen. Btw, AJ was playing, I was not 🙂

Check it out here.


  1. Christopher Badgley says:

    Jason, absolutely awesome broadcast. I’m already scheduled for 2 events in 2016! Your gear is great. Have a GR1, with all the accessories and a pistol case for my HK P30SK, which I use almost every weekend. Congrats. I’m a GORUCK fan for life.

  2. Steve Burke says:

    Man–that was awesome. I was thinking 2017 was the Heavy for me but now after hearing that podcast I’m even more stoked. I have a some challenges booked for 2016 but if both you and Mr. Hawk are in the same Class then I am all over that–just let me know when that Heavy will be cause I’m there.

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