The Story Behind the Apparel: Tough Hoodie

There’s Irish blood running through my veins and I have the skin to match, so the sun and I are at odds wherever I go, all the time.

But that doesn’t stop me. Em and I were in Cartagena, yes of Romancing the Stone, never far from the equator and the sun was beating down and it was Africa hot. I’m no stranger to sunscreen but eventually, it wears off and I fry. Been there done that, no thanks. So in her words, I’m that guy, and quite ridiculous looking, and their shirtless on a beach in paradise is my full zip hoodie. No t-shirt on underneath, and no apologies, just the hoodie — whenever there’s sun, it’s my go to. With the kids at the kiddie pool, chasing priceless gems, all of it.

This one day was the only day on our entire trip I wore shorts, and even though every time I cracked a fresh beer I put more sunscreen on my knees, they fried and peeled and went through that whole drama for the next two weeks. Fun. But the rest of me was fine, even my pride, eventually — grin. Emily smiled and told me I should’ve worn my Simple Pants, too. As usual, she was right, even though I think she was joking, right?

This is a great lightweight fabric and the hoodie keeps the sun off and dries fast but it’s classic simple, so you can wear it anywhere, too. Travel Train Ruck, and at the bar.

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