The Will: Battle Buddy Hero WOD

“It was an honor to introduce rucking to the CrossFit games a few weeks ago not only with rucking but also with The Will Hero WOD. Will was one of my first friends in A/2/10, we were united by being FNG’s in close quarters and our desire to not be that anymore.

Will was killed in action this year, 2019, and his service cost him his life and created a hole that his family and our community will feel forever. I’m lucky to have known him. We put together this workout to honor him, his 4 daughters, and wife. When it hurts a little, just think about the sacrifice Will made.”

Jason McCarthy
10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08


Battle Buddy Hero WOD

The workout consists of four movements, one for each of his daughters that he left behind, followed by a one mile ruck with a sandbag in honor of his wife, Sarah. There are 10 repetitions of each movement, which represents the 10th Special Forces group.

10 Rounds:

10 Ruck Squats

10 American Ruck Twists

10 Ruck Push-Ups

10 Ruck High-Pulls

PLUS Ruck 1 Mile with Sandbag*

*Can be done at any point during your 10 rounds

“What I remember the most is one person was missing a teammate. Jason and the GORUCK team challenged the crowd for someone to step up and honor Will by joining this person’s team. Out of the crowd steps some dude with a GORUCK Heavy Shirt on. That’s a testament of the caliber of our mixed group of crossfitting GRTs. Don’t let a brother down and always step up to the challenge.” – Cadre Ricky

Will always said, “I will never run from a gunfight.”

Ultimately, that is what cost him his life. We sweat and grind to understand just a minutia of the sacrifice Will made for his family and for our country.

If you want to honor him further, consider purchasing our custom patch and t-shirt. All proceeds go to Will’s family.



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